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May 2013 ~ Present
San Diego, California
Position: Founder

SMarketing is the immediate successor of MTG Marketing. The name SMarketing is the contraction of the words Smart and Marketing which gave rise to the "Smart Marketing Ideas" tag line.

The services and products provided by SMarketing are basically the same as MTG Marketing with the exception of Web Site Design.

There is also more of an emphasis on providing useful information regarding the Graphic Design process and Product Decoration techniques, as well as other pertinent marketing related tidbits.

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MTG Marketing
May 1998 ~ April 2013
San Diego, California
Position: Proprietor

MTG Marketing specializes in overall Marketing Consultation related services that include the following in products and services used by businesses big and small... MTG Marketing's goal is to "Create Brilliant Results" for their clients every time..!
MTG Marketing's Services Provided has four sub-sections that cover both the products and service offered:
  1. Graphic Design and Development services can "Make-Ready" graphice to be used in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, web site graphics, digital or off-set printing, promotional product and print advertising needs...
    • Print & Online Advertisements (Magazine, Newspapers, Newsletters, Blogs)
    • Logo Design (Personal & Corporate)
    • Printed Products (Business Card, Brochures, Flyers, Letterhead, Labels, Catelogs, Calenders)
    • Promotional Products (Pens & Pencils, Tote Bags, Water Bottles, Mouse Pads, Coffee Mugs,
    • Web Site Images & Elements (Static, Animated, Buttons, Backgrounds, Video,

  2. Web Site Development includes the integration of an overall "look & feel" or design of the web site as a whole as well as each individual web page, and includes any graphic elements, multimedia video and audio elements and the supporting text...
    • What web site "look and feel" will best convey that of your organization..?
    • What are the purposes and/or goals of the web site..?
    • What web site sections are needed and what are unnecessary..?
    • What is the development timeline and budget requirements of the web site..?
    • How will the web site integrate with current marketing approaches..?

  3. Digital & Off-Set Printing, quality at discounted prices... If you compare the print pricing offered by MTG Marketing you will find our pricing is very competitive, at least 20% to as much as 50% lower than many printers...
    • Off-Set Printing - Larger Quantities (250 minimum most items)
    • Digital Printing - Smaller Quantities (10 or 25 minimum most items)
    • Large Format - Banners, Vehicle Magnets, Posters (1 minimum all items)

  4. Promotional Products are important advertising tools for companies, organizations, and all sorts of businesses... As a member of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI #258434) MTG Marketing has available the leading index of promotional products available in the United States and Canada...

    It is proven that consumers become more aware of a company's logo and remember it better when it is used on promotional items that they will notice every day so when people finally decide that they need the products or services a company provides, that company's logo will be fresh in their minds and could cause them to choose that company over their competitor...
In Marketing Information you will find various bits of marketing related nuggets that gleaned from a variety of past and current marketing venues... Think of this are as a "Digest" of marketing related information, white papers, webinars, blog postings and other marketing related references...

Example Posting: Brand Development
  • "Brand Development" discusses how to differentiate a product or service from the other cattle on the range even if all the other cattle on the range look pretty much alike...
  • Review of the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding...
  • Review of the 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding...
    • Internet Brands tend to be invisible... Why..?
Updated frequently...

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eProcesses Consulting, Inc.
March 2000 ~ July 2001
La Jolla, California
Position: Vice President Marketing

eProcesses’ primary service emphasized helping its clients improve their "customer service" relationships with their current customers or clients because it is more cost effective to retain a customer or client than try to get a new customer or client.
  • eProcesses helped its clients "change the way they do business" so as to obtain the highest possible ROI related to their invest in hardware and software technologies.
  • eProcesses helped to integrate business processes and human behaviors using a company’s current technology to achieve greater value from their human resources by using the latest CRM / SFA / ERP software on the market.
  • eProcesses designed and recommended Call Centers hardware and software requirements as part of the on-going process of improved customer service.

  • Dealt with "marketing" related consulting issues offered to eProcesses clients.
  • Traveled to (potential) client corporate and satellite offices throughout Western United States and in Mexico to Monterey, Nuevo Leon and Mexico DF.
  • Went through "Certification Training" of RightNow Technologies (Acquired by Oracle) Knowledge Bases (FAQs) on behalf of eProcesses: (in order to provide this service to eProcesses clients)
    • Attended two certification training classes (versions 3.0 and 4.0) at RNT corporate offices.
    • Attended three RNT user conferences at various locations.
  • Responsible for implementing RightNow Technologies Knowledge Bases (FAQs) on behalf of eProcesses clients.
eProcesses downsized due to lack of new clients (mostly due to the "Dot-Com" bust) and ceased business in 2002.

Discovering San Diego
Discovering San Diego
January 1998 ~ February 1999
San Diego, California
Position: Consultant

Discovering San Diego was a start-up company that offered cross marketing promotions using a web site, display advertising and magazine publishing...
  • Facilitated an agreement between Cloud 9 Shuttle where, for a fee, DSD acquired exclusive "advertising rights" to the "Cloudvertising" Display Advertising and Brochure Distribution program that included:
    • Display Advertising inside C9S vehicles
    • DSD Magazine inside C9S vehicles
    • Display Advertising on the back of C9S vehicles
  • Assisted in web site coding and graphic development...
  • Assisted in the publishing a high quality Discovering San Diego magazine that included:
    • Story Content
    • Graphic Development
    • Advertising Sales

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Cloud 9 Shuttle, Inc.
May 1997 ~ March 2000 & July 2001 ~ December 2003
San Diego, California
Position: Marketing Manager & Cloudvertising Director

My first job at Cloud 9 Shuttle was as a driver... After (3) months I began working in the Corporate Office helping with a variety of Marketing related projects...
  • Responsible for the majority of all the graphic work for print advertisements and sales promotional materials desired by C9S...
  • Provided creative conception and design of the C9S print advertising and materials...
  • Created a Display Advertising and Brochure Distribution program for inside C9S vehicles in association with Discovering San Diego...
  • Coined the term "Cloudvertising" for the Display Advertising and Brochure Distribution program...

  • Extended C9S's current "Cloudvertising" Vehicle Marketing Program and became the Cloudvertising Director...
  • Designed and developed and maintain the Cloudvertising web site...
  • Designed and developed two Cloud 9 Shuttle web sites: (as a client of MTG Marketing)
    • (no longer active)

Dangerous Designs International
Dangerous Designs International
August 1987 ~ May 1997
San Diego, California
Position: Proprietor

Dangerous Designs International was the processor to MTG Marketing.

Running Dangerous Designs International is where I decided to become a full fledge Entrepreneur. I began to study how effective Marketing, specifically Branding, has a positive effect a business’ bottom-line.
  • Dangerous Designs International Marketing primary business was selling Promotional Products that include but are not limited to:
    • Pens, Coffee Mugs, Key Chains,
    • Apparel: T-Shirts, Caps, Golf Shirts,
    • Awards & Recognition
    • Computer Accessories
  • Additional DDIM services evolved to include: (to prep corporate logos for imprinting)
    • Graphic Development / Layout
    • Letterhead, Brochures, Flyers and other printed materials

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